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MYU Career Story Corner

March, is a great month to meet Voon, a dynamic individual who made a bold shift from the business world to the realm of real estate. As a seasoned marketing director, he leverages his strategic acumen gained from his business background to excel in the competitive real estate industry.

What sets him apart is his passion for triathlons, a testament to his commitment, discipline, and endurance – qualities that undoubtedly contribute to his success in both fields. Perviously, our Voon is a businessman himself that involve on Air Cooling System and as we knew the Air Cooling business already saturated in the market but that not stopping him to take the challenge!💪🏻
Unfortunately, the business took too much of quality time from his family and from his Dream. So in 2013, he tired of previous business and look for new opportunity which he met Real Estate industry. He finally have a quality time with his family and joined cycling team to cycle around the world!😍
Now he is our company marketing director, and an encyclopedia to all our agents truly wise and wisdom.🎉👏 Thank you for your support!!🫡🫡
Join us, be like Voon!🔥